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34, Homi Modi Street, Flora Fountain, Mumbai - 400023.
Tel.: 2204 5861 / 2204 8303 Fax: 2287 6132

Pls note we can do All over India Passport Visas online in Mumbai itself for Tourist Visa.
Docs rqd Scan copy of Valid passport, Ret tkt copy, Time taken 01 work days. Visa fees & Service Charges all inclusive Rs 1300 all inclusive.

W.E.F. 01st Jan 2012  Sri Lankan Visa will not be given on Arrival, you have to login in on

The pax can fill the forms online and take the approval, the payment mode will be through Credit card only. The approval of the visa may come same day or next…


Business Visa  : We can submit Maharashtra & Goa ppt in Mumbai.

Original valid passport, Two photographs, 35 mm x 45 mm, 80% face, white background with behind sign of applicant as per passport, Visa application form, Original covering letter on Indian company letterhead, Invitation letter copy from Sri Lanka, Credit card copy or Forex endorsement on passport of 500 USD or Forex exchange receipt copy of 500 USD, Ticket Itenary.


Tourist Visa  :  We can submit all over India ppts in Mumbai.

Scanned copy of the valid passport, Return ticket.


Visa Time Taken                :        02 working days

Visa Fee                              :        Rs. 1,500/- (Business)

                                            :        Rs. 1,300/- (Tourist) Service Charges all inclusive.

Visa Sub. Time                   :        10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Visa Coll. Time                   :        04:00 PM to 04:30 PM

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